Scientific context

Observing and understanding past environmental changes can contribute crucially to addressing big questions and challenges that face societies and ecologies in the human-activity-impacted Anthropocene era and in globally connected socio-environmental systems. PAGES, with its global network of expert communities at its core, is committed to facilitating the generation and delivery of multi-perspective expert knowledge from retrospective scientific evidence. The Topcial Science Meetings are designed to advance and deliver such knowledge on hot topics.

Building a sustainable and resilient world requires a strong scientific basis and involves interdisciplinary science. Observation and understanding of events, changes, and processes that took place during times before instrumental monitoring can be used to characterize natural backgrounds and to inform future projections, risk assessment, and societal strategies for sustainability. Moreover, global and regional paleoenvironmental and paleosocietal knowledge can be translated into actionable information and understanding, accessible to other researchers, decision makers and the public, through educational products and publications.