24 (2): Climate Change and Cultural Evolution

Eds: Latorre C, Wilmshurst JM & von Gunten L

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 24(2), 53-84, 2016


This issue of Past Global Changes Magazine aims to highlight how social decisions in the face of environmental change had long-lasting consequences for the evolution and development of prehistoric societies.

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> Climate change and cultural evolution across the world
Claudio Latorre, J.M. Wilmshurst and L. von Gunten

Science Highlights: Climate Change and Cultural Evolution

> Climate change and social complexity in the Atacama Desert in the Late Quaternary
Antonio Maldonado, C.M. Santoro and Escallonia members

> Late Quaternary megafaunal extinctions in southern Patagonia
Natalia A. Villavicencio

> The end of the Holocene Humid Period in the central Sahara and Thar deserts
Andrea Zerboni, S. Biagetti, C. Lancelotti and M. Madella

> Global megadrought, societal collapse and resilience at 4.2-3.9 ka BP
Harvey Weiss

> Revisiting human-environment interactions in Chaco Canyon and the American Southwest
Julio L. Betancourt and Christopher H. Guiterman

> Climatic changes and collapses in Maya history
Tim Beach, S. Luzzadder-Beach, N. Dunning and D. Cook

> Climate change and human impact in Macaronesia
José María Fernández-Palacios, S. Nogué, C. Criado, S. Connor, C. Góis-Marques, et al.

> Climate changes and cultural shifts on Easter Island during the last three millennia
Valentí Rull, N. Cañellas-Boltà, O. Margalef, S. Pla-Rabes, A. Sáez and S. Giralt

> Fires: the main human impact on past environments in Patagonia?
Andrés Holz, C. Méndez, L. Borrero, A. Prieto, F. Torrejón and A. Maldonado

Program News

> DAPS - Paleoclimate Reanalyses, Data Assimilation and Proxy System modeling
> EcoRe3 - Resistance, Recovery and Resilience of Long-term Ecological Systems

Workshop Reports

> A cross-disciplinary initiative to analyze past floods
> PlioVAR marine synthesis update meeting
> Interdisciplinary views on the impacts of volcanic eruptions: from global to personal
> Fire, climate and biomes – towards a better understanding of this complex relationship
> Sea-level budgets at decadal to millennial timescales to bridge paleo and instrumental records
> Uncovering the past: multidisciplinary research on historic land cover and land use
> Methods and techniques for Quaternary paleoenvironmental reconstruction
> CLIVAR looks to the future at conference marking 20th anniversary

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