22 (1): Annual Recorders of the Past

Eds: Zolitschka B, Pike J, von Gunten L & Kiefer T

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 22(1), 1-56, 2014


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This is the first issue of Past Global Changes Magazine (or PAGES Magazine for short), which is a direct continuation of our newsletter, PAGES news, but with a new look and name. This issue reports on natural archives and analytical techniques that are allowing environmental changes to be reconstructed at annual to sub-annual time scales, thereby narrowing the resolution gap between proxy records and instrumental data. The Mini Section explores human impact on soils and sediment in Asia and outlines ongoing plans to continue work in this critical region of the world.

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Science Highlights

Annual Recorders of the Past

 > Editorial: Maximizing the information yield from annually resolving natural archives
Bernd Zolitschka and Jennifer Pike

 > Layers within layers: quantifying seasonal versus event processes in varved sediments
Scott F. Lamoureux and Pierre Francus

 > Understanding varve formation from sediment trapping and limnological monitoring
Antti E.K. Ojala, C. Bigler and J. Weckström

 > Hyperspectral imaging: investigating sediment structures and composition
Martin Grosjean, B. Amann, C. Butz, B. Rein and W. Tylmann

 > High-precision sampling of laminated sediments: Strategies from Lake Suigetsu
Takeshi Nakagawa and Suigetsu 2006 Project Members

 > Seasonal laminae in marine sediments: applications and potential
Alan E.S. Kemp

 > The global network of tree-ring widths and its applications to paleoclimatology
Scott St. George

 > The potential of tree rings in Terra Australis
Chris Turney, J. Palmer, K. Allen, P. Baker and P. Grierson

 > Bivalve shells: ultra high-resolution paleoclimate archives
Bernd R. Schöne and Donna Surge

 > Annually laminated speleothems in paleoclimate studies
Liangcheng Tan, I.J. Orland and H. Cheng

 > Seasonality in speleothems
Ian J. Fairchild, M. Bar-Matthews, P. M. Wynn and I. J. Orland

 > State of the art of ice core annual layer dating
Sune O. Rasmussen, A. Svensson and M. Winstrup

 > Annually resolved climate signals in high-alpine ice cores
Margit Schwikowski, A. Eichler, T.M. Jenk and I. Mariani

Mini Section: Human Impact on Soils and Sediments in Asia

 > PAGES’ Focus 4 Theme on Soils and Sediments: an Asian perspective
Thomas Hoffmann, R. Wasson and A. Ziegler

 > Social upheaval in ancient Angkor resulting from fluvial response to land use and climate variability
Dan Penny

 > Sediment load and carbon burial in the Yellow River during the Holocene
Lishan Ran and Xixi Lu

 > Tectonic and volcanic forcing on fluvial systems: two case studies from Japan
Thomas Parkner and Mio Kasai

Workshop Reports

 > Hydroclimatic reconstructions over Europe and the Mediterranean
 > 12th International Workshop on Subfossil Chironomids
 > Multi-Scale Analyses of Fire-Climate-Vegetation Interactions on Millennial Scales
 > Holocene circum-Arctic peatland carbon dynamics
 > Estimating rates and sources of sea level change during past warm periods
 > COMPARE 2013: Constraining tropical ocean cooling during the last glacial
 > Integrated analyses of reconstructions and multi-model simulations for the past 2k
 > PMIP Ocean - Understanding changes since the Last Glacial Maximum
 > Quaternary paleoecology: Reconstructing past environments
 > Long-term perspectives on ocean and climate dynamics – Three decades of ICP
 > 4th Polar Marine Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology Workshop
 > Isotopes of carbon, water and geotracers in paleoclimate research
 > Reconstructing past sea ice
 > 1st Summer School on Speleothem Science
 > 1st Workshop on Paleoecological Databases in South America
 > Eastern African Quaternary Climate change and variability
 > African climate-vegetation interaction since the last glacial period
 > SynTraCE-21 Workshop

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