18 (2): Fire in the Earth System: A Paleoperspective

Eds: Whitlock C, Tinner W, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 18(2), 2010


This newsletter issue provides an overview of the state-of-art in paleofire research. It also includes a number of openly submitted scientific articles, and provides information on recently held meetings and upcoming events.

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Special Section: Science Highlights

> Editorial: Fire in the Earth System [p.55-57]
C. Whitlock and W. Tinner

> Recent advances in the analysis and interpretation of sediment-charcoal records [p.57-59]
P.E. Higuera, D.G. Gavin, P.D. Henne and R.F. Kelly

> Specific molecular markers in ice cores provide large-scale patterns in biomass burning [p.59-61]
N. Kehrwald, R. Zangrando, A. Gambaro, P. Cescon and C. Barbante

> Global patterns of biomass burning during the last glacial period [p.61-63]
A.-L. Daniau

> A fire paradox in ecosystems around the Mediterranean [p.63-65]
B. Vannière, D. Colombaroli and N. Roberts

> Tropical fire ecology across the African continent: A paleoecological perspective [p.65-67]
D. Colombaroli and D. Verschuren

> Holocene fires in eastern Canada: Towards a forest management perspective in light of future global changes [p.68-70]
C. Carcaillet, Y. Bergeron, A.A. Ali, S. Gauthier, M.P. Girardin and C. Hély

> Fire and climate variation in western North America from fire-scar and tree-ring networks [p.70-72]
D.A. Falk, E.K. Heyerdahl, P.M. Brown, T.W. Swetnam, E.K. Sutherland, Z. Gedalof, L. Yocom and T.J. Brown

> Paleofire activity in tropical America during the last 21 ka: A regional synthesis based on sedimentary charcoal [p.73-75]
M.J. Power, M.B. Bush, H. Behling, S.P. Horn, F.E. Mayle and D.H. Urrego

> Paleofires in southern South America since the Last Glacial Maximum [p.75-77]
P.I. Moreno, T. Kitzberger, V. Iglesias and A. Holz

> Paleofire in the wet tropics of northeast Queensland, Australia [p.78-80]
S.G. Haberle, S. Rule, P. Roberts, H. Heijnis, G. Jacobsen, C. Turney, R. Cosgrove, A. Ferrier, P. Moss, S. Mooney and P. Kershaw

> Humans and fire: Consequences of anthropogenic burning during the past 2 ka [p.80-82]
J.R. Marlon, Q. Cui, M.-J. Gaillard, D. McWethy and M. Walsh

> Pyrogeography: Understanding the ecological niche of fire [p.83-85]
M.A. Moritz, M.A. Krawchuk and M.-A. Parisien

Science Highlights: Open Section

> Emerging proxy evidence for coherent failures of the summer monsoons of Asia during the last millennium [p.85-87]
A. Sinha and M. Berkelhammer

> An emerging paradigm: Process-based climate reconstructions [p.87-89]
M.K. Hughes, J. Guiot and C.M. Ammann

Workshop Reports

> Workshop on modeling Holocene climate evolution [p.89-90]
G. Lohmann and Workshop Participants

> Advances in varved sediment studies during the last 10 years [p.90-91]
P. Francus, A.E.K. Ojala, A. Heinsalu, R. Behl, M. Grosjean and B. Zolitschka

> The 1st Australasia 2k regional workshop: Towards data synthesis [p.91-92]
C. Turney, J. Gergis, A. Lorrey, J. Palmer, S.J. Phipps and T. van Ommen

> The nitrogen cycle in the ocean, past and present [p.92-93]
E. Galbraith, M. Kienast and T. Kiefer

> The first Africa 2k regional workshop [p.93-94]
M. Umer and D. Verschuren

> PAGES regional workshop in Japan [p.94-95]
T. Nakatsuka

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