18 (1): Peatlands: Paleoenvironments and carbon dynamics

Eds: Jackson ST, Charman D, Newman L & Kiefer T

, vol. 18(1), 2010Number of pages:


This newsletter issue provides an overview of the state-of-art in peatlands research. It also includes a number of openly submitted scientific articles, provides information on recently held PAGES meetings and upcoming events, and includes a taste of the proceedings from the PAGES YSM.

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Special Section: Science Highlights

> Editorial: Peatlands - Paleoenvironments and carbon dynamics
S.T. Jackson and D. Charman

> Peatland archives of late-Holocene climate change in northern Europe
F.M. Chambers, J.R.G. Daniell and ACCROTELM Member

> Using peatland archives to test paleoclimate hypotheses
R.K. Booth, S.T. Jackson and M. Notaro

> Peatlands as a model system for exploring and reconciling Quaternary chronologies
M. Blaauw, J.A. Christen and D. Mauquoy

> Peatland records of solar activity
B. van Geel and D. Mauquoy

> A multi-proxy high-resolution approach to reconstructing past environmental change from an Alpine peat archive
M. Lamentowicz, W.O. van der Knaap, J.F.N. van Leeuwen, S. Hangartner, E.A.D. Mitchell, T. Goslar, W. Tinner and C. Kamenik

> Stable isotopes and organic geochemistry in peat: Tools to investigate past hydrology, temperature and biogeochemistry
E.L. McClymont, E. Pendall and J. Nichols

> Peat cellulose isotopes as indicators of Asian monsoon variability
B. Hong, M. Uchida, X.T. Leng and Y.T. Hong

> Peat as an archive of atmospheric pollution and environmental change: a case study of lead in Europe
F. De Vleeschouwer, G. Le Roux and W. Shotyk

> The northern peatland carbon pool and the Holocene carbon cycle
D.W. Beilman, G.M. MacDonald and Z. Yu

> Past and present carbon accumulation and loss in Southeast Asian peatlands
S. Page, R. Wüst and C. Banks

> Inception, history and development of peatlands in the Amazon Basin
O. Lähteenoja and K.H. Roucoux

> Peatland exchanges of CO2 and CH4: The importance of presence or absence of permafrost
T.R. Christensen, M. Mastepanov, M. Johansson and D. Charman

Science Highlights: Open Section

> El Niño/Southern Oscillation and changes in the zonal gradient of tropical Pacific sea surface temperature over the last 1.2 ka
J.L. Conroy, J.T. Overpeck and J.E. Cole

> Modes of eastern equatorial Pacific thermocline variability: Implications for ENSO variability over the last glacial period
G. Leduc, L. Vidal, O. Cartapanis and E. Bard

> Southern Hemisphere intermediate water formation and the bi-polar seesaw
S.J.A. Jung, D. Kroon, G. Ganssen, F. Peeters and R. Ganeshram

Workshop Reports

> The 2nd PAGES past interglacials (PIGS) workshop
C. Tzedakis, D. Raynaud and J.F. McManus

> Understanding future sea level rise: The challenges of dating past interglacials
W.G. Thompson, M.B. Andersen, A. Dutton and M. Siddall

> High- to mid-latitude northern atmospheric circulation changes
D.-D. Rousseau, C. Hatté, I. Tegen and workshop participants

> The West African Quaternary Research Association inaugural workshop
I.M. Akaegbobi

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