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Early Paleogene climate and productivity of the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic, off the western coast of Ghana
Special issue articles
Arkaah AB, Kaminski M, Ogle N, Kalin RM, Atta-Petters D, Apaalse L, Wiafe G & Armah AK... Quaternary International 2006
Effect of improper water and land resource utilization on the central Main Ethiopian Rift lakes
Special issue articles
Legesse D & Ayenew T Quaternary International 2006
Land–sea linkages during deglaciation: High-resolution records from the eastern Atlantic off the coast of Namibia and Angola (ODP site 1078)
Special issue articles
Dupont L & Behling H Quaternary International 2006
Late Quaternary palynology in marine sediments: A synthesis of the understanding of pollen distribution patterns in the NW African setting
Special issue articles
Hooghiemstra H, Lézine A-M, Leroy SAG, Dupont L & Marret F... Quaternary International 2006
An analysis of long-term rainfall variability, trends and groundwater availability in the Mulunguzi river catchment area, Zomba mountain, Southern Malawi
Special issue articles
Ngongondo CS Quaternary International 2006
Use of the geochemical and biological sedimentary record in establishing palaeo-environments and climate change in the Lake Ngami basin, NW Botswana
Special issue articles
Huntsman-Mapila P, Ringrose S, Mackay AW, Downey WS, Modisi M, Coetzee SH, Tiercelin J-J, Kampunzu A... Quaternary International 2006
Late Quaternary palaeoceanographic record in giant piston cores off South Africa, possibly including evidence of neotectonism
Special issue articles
Rau A, Rogers J & Chen M-T Quaternary International 2006
Taphonomy of phytoliths and macroplants in different soils from Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) and the application to Plio-Pleistocene palaeoanthropological samples
Special issue articles
Albert RM, Bamford MK & Cabanes D Quaternary International 2006
Plio–Pleistocene macroplant fossil remains and phytoliths from Lowermost Bed II in the eastern palaeolake margin of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Special issue articles
Bamford MK, Albert RM & Cabanes D Quaternary International 2006
Correlation of widespread Holocene and Pleistocene tephra layers from Newberry Volcano, Oregon, USA, using glass compositions and numerical analysis
Special issue articles
Kuehn SC & Foit FF Quaternary International 2006
Chronology of a probable neotectonic Pleistocene rock avalanche, Cordon del Plata (Central Andes), Mendoza, Argentina
Special issue articles
Moreiras SM Quaternary International 2006
Thermal (TL) and optical stimulated luminescence (OSL) techniques for dating Quaternary colluvial volcaniclastic sediments: An example from the Crati Basin (Northern Calabria)
Special issue articles
Carobene L, Cirrincione R, Rosa RD, Gueli AM, Marino S & Troja S... Quaternary International 2006
Past Hydrological Events Related to Understanding Global Change
Special issues
Linking African Palaeoenvironments and Modern Environments: PAGES Workshop
Special issues
Quaternary International 2006
Late Quaternary Climates of Tropical America and Adjacent Seas
Special issues
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 2006
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