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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working goup or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
PAGES 2nd Global Monsoon Symposium
PAGES Global Monsoon Symposium
Past Changes in Western North America Science Meeting - January 1995
Western North American Segment of PEP-1, Americas Transect... 1995
PEP I - Pole-Equator-Pole Paleoclimate of the Americas
PEP Members 1998
Projet Scientifique et plan d'aménagement: PANASH (Paléoclimates des Hémisphères Nord et Sud) - Les transversales Pole-Equateur-Pole
Science plans
PAGES IPO Docum. Lab. Géol, Lyon. 1997
3rd Polar Marine Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology Workshop
Workshop reports
Leventer A, Armand L, Harwood D & Jordan R Diatom Research 2011
White Paper: Lake sediments as climate archives
Other meeting products
Juggins S 2009
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation over decades to centuries
PAGES Magazine articles
Workshop Reports
Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
Can medieval societies teach us how to adapt to climate change?
Blog Articles
Kovacevic M Future Earth Blog 2016
The bassline of climate with Julien Emile-Geay
Michael White Forecast 2017
A simple rule to determine which insolation cycles lead to interglacials
Journal articles
Tzedakis PC, Crucifix M, Mitsui T & Wolff EW Nature 2017
Record high to record low: what on earth is happening to Antarctica’s sea ice?
Blog Articles
Abram N, England M & Vance T The Conversation 2016
24 (1): Tipping Points
PAGES Magazine issues
Past Global Changes Magazine 2016
The Past Global Changes Open Science Meeting, Zaragoza
Blog Articles
Worne S 2017
Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents
Journal articles
Abram NJ, McGregor HV, Tierney JE, Evans MN, McKay NP, Kaufman DS & the PAGES 2k Consortium... Nature 2016