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Editorial: Climate Forcings
PAGES Magazine articles
Beer J & Masson-Delmotte V PAGES news 2005
Introduction: Late Quaternary Tropical Ecosystem Dynamics
Special issue articles
Quaternary Research 2005
Modern pollen-rain characteristics of tall terra firme moist evergreen forest, southern Amazonia
Special issue articles
Gosling WD, Mayle FE, Tate NJ & Killeen TJ Quaternary Research 2005
Holocene dryness and human occupation in Brazil during the “Archaic Gap”
Special issue articles
Araujo AGM, Neves WA, Piló LB & Atui JPV Quaternary Research 2005
15,000-yr pollen record of vegetation change in the high altitude tropical Andes at Laguna Verde Alta, Venezuela
Special issue articles
Rull V, Abbott MB, Polissar PJ, Wolfe AP, Bezada M & Bradley RS... Quaternary Research 2005
Paleoecological and climatic changes of the Upper Lerma Basin, Central Mexico during the Holocene
Special issue articles
Ludlow-Wiechers B, Almeida-Leñero L & Islebe G Quaternary Research 2005
Quantification strategies for human-induced and natural hydrological changes in wetland vegetation, southern Florida, USA
Special issue articles
Donders TH, Wagner F & Visscher H Quaternary Research 2005
A 23,000-yr pollen record from Lake Euramoo, Wet Tropics of NE Queensland, Australia
Special issue articles
Haberle SG Quaternary Research 2005
A Holocene pollen and diatom record from Vanderlin Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, lowland tropical Australia
Special issue articles
Prebble M, Sim R, Finn J & Fink D Quaternary Research 2005
A comparison of late Quaternary forest changes in New Caledonia and northeastern Australia
Special issue articles
Stevenson J & Hope G Quaternary Research 2005
Interactions between human activity, volcanic eruptions and vegetation during the Holocene at Garua and Numundo, West New Britain, PNG
Special issue articles
Boyd WE, Lentfer CJ & Parr J Quaternary Research 2005
How a wet tropical rainforest copes with repeated volcanic destruction
Special issue articles
Jago LCF & Boyd WE Quaternary Research 2005
The stratigraphy and fire history of the Kutai Peatlands, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Special issue articles
Hope G, Chokkalingam U & Anwar S Quaternary Research 2005
Stratigraphical and palynological appraisal of the Late Quaternary mangrove deposits of the west coast of India
Special issue articles
Kumaran KPN, Nair KM, Shindikar M, Limaye RB & Padmalal D... Quaternary Research 2005
High-resolution pollen record from core KW31, Gulf of Guinea, documents the history of the lowland forests of West Equatorial Africa since 40,000 yr ago
Special issue articles
Lezine A-M & Cazet J-P Quaternary Research 2005
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