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Latest entries
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The role of the sun in climate forcing
Special issue articles
Beer J, Mende W & Stellmacher R Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The Russian component of an Arctic Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
Grosswald MG & Hughes TJ Quaternary Science Reviews 2002
The Science and Strategy of the Past Global Changes (PAGES) Project
Science plans
Newman L, Kiefer T, Otto-Bliesner B & Wanner H Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2010
The Sea Level Conundrum: Insights From Paleo Studies
Workshop reports
Siddall M, Clark P, Thompson B, Waelbroeck C, Gregory J & Stocker T... Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 2009
The Sea-Level Conundrum: Case Studies From Palaeo-Archives
Journal articles
PALSEA, Abe-Ouchi A, Andersen M, Antonioli F, Bamber J, Bard E, Clark J, Clark P, Deschamps P, Dutto... Journal of Quaternary Science 2009
The sensitivity of the Arctic sea ice to orbitally induced insolation changes: a study of the mid-Holocene Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project 2 and 3 simulations
Special issue articles
Berger M, Brandefelt J & Nilsson J Climate of the Past 2013
The significance of particle size of long-range transported mineral dust
Science Highlights
PAGES Magazine articles
Past Global Changes Magazine 2014
The socio-environmental history of the Peloponnese during the Holocene: Towards an integrated understanding of the past
Special issue articles
Weiberg E, Unkel I, Kouli K, Holmgren K, Avramidis P, Bonnier A, Dibble F, Finné M, Izdebski A, Katr... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
The Southern Hemisphere at glacial terminations: insights from the Dome C ice core
Special issue articles
Röthlisberger R, Mudelsee M, Bigler M, de Angelis M, Fischer H, Hansson M, Lambert F, Masson-Delmott... Climate of the Past 2008
The Southern Hemisphere westerlies in the Australasian sector over the last glacial cycle: a synthesis
Special issue articles
Shulmeister J, Goodwin I, Renwick J, Harle K, Armand L, McGlone MS, Cook E, Dodson J, Hesse PP, Maye... Quaternary International 2004
The stable isotope analysis of pollen as an indicator of terrestrial palaeoenvironmental change: a review of progress and recent developments.
Special issue articles
Loader NJ & Hemming DL Quaternary Science Reviews 2004
The stratigraphic framework for the Upper Pleistocene of the glaciated Russian Arctic: changing paradigms
Special issue articles
Astakhov V Global and Planetary Change 2001
The stratigraphy and fire history of the Kutai Peatlands, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Special issue articles
Hope G, Chokkalingam U & Anwar S Quaternary Research 2005
The Sun and its role in climate change
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
PAGES news 2013
The supra-long Scots pine tree-ring record for Finnish Lapland: Part 1, chronology construction and initial inferences
Special issue articles
Eronen M, Zetterberg P, Briffa KR, Lindholm M, Meriläinen J & Timonen M... The Holocene 2002
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