Natural and Human Inpacts in the River Rhine Catchment

Eds: Dikau R & Herget J

ERDKUNDE – Archive for Scientific Geography, vol. 59(3), 177-319, 2005

This special section comprising 7 articles is a contribution by the PAGES LUCIFS Working Group.

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The 7 articles within this issue are:

> Land use and climate impacts on fluvial systems during the period of agriculture in the river Rhine catchment (RhineLUCIFS) - An introduction
Dikau R, Herget J & Hennrich K

> Human impact and vegetation change as triggers for sediment dynamics in the River Rhine catchment
Dix A, Burggraaff P, Kleefeld KD, Küster H, Schirmer W & Zimmermann A

> Palaeoclimate within the River Rhine catchment during Holocene and historic times
Glaser R, Ammann B, Brauer A, Heiri O, Jacobeit J, Lotter AF, Luterbacher J, Maisch M, Magny M, Pfister C, Tinner W, Veit H & Wanner H

> Engineering impacts on river channels in the River Rhine catchment
Herget J, Bremer E, Coch T, Dix A, Eggenstein G & Ewald K

> Water and biogeochemical fluxes in the river Rhine catchment
Kempe S & Krahe P

> Holocene fluviatile processes and valley history in the River Rhine catchment
Schirmer W, Bos JAA, Dambeck R, Hinderer M, Preston N, Schulte A, Schwalb A & Wessels M

> Boundary conditions for sediment input into the river rhine: soils, sediments and slope processes
Thiemeyer H, Blümel WD, Dambeck R, Dieckmann B, Eberle J, Glade T, Hecht S, Houben P, Moldenhauer K-M, Schrott L, Schulte A, Vogt R & Wunderlich J

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