PAGES at EGU 2018

egu logoThe General Assembly 2018 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) takes place in Vienna, Austria, from 8-13 April 2018.

We encourage you to submit an abstract to one of the many PAGES sessions. The deadline for financial support applications is 1 December 2017 and the abstract deadline is 10 January 2018.

PAGES sessions:

2k Network - CL1.02: Studying the climate of the last two millennia
Floods Working Group & Extremes IA - CL1.03: Flood and weather extremes of the past
CoralHydro2k - CL1.08: Tropical coral archives – Reconstructions of climate and environment beyond the instrumental record at society-relevant timescales
CVAS - IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7: Climate Variability Across Scales and Climate States
CVAS - SC1.25/NP8.4: Scales and scaling in the climate system
DAPS - CL1.18: Proxy system modelling and data assimilation in paleoclimatology
PALSEA2 - IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14: Sea-Level Changes from Minutes to Millennia
VICS - IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2: Characterizing, understanding and predicting the radiative effects and the climatic impacts of major volcanic eruptions

Splinter meeting: Thresholds, tipping points and multiple equilibria in records of past climate and the environment. What are they and is there still something to be learned?

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