New LandCover6k products

WGLogoLandCover6KTwo journal articles have recently been published by members of the LandCover6k working group.

"Relative pollen productivity estimates for major plant taxa of cultural landscapes in central eastern China", by Li Furong et al. in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, estimate relative pollen productivity for plant taxa characteristic of human-induced vegetation in ancient cultural landscapes of the low mountain ranges of Shandong province in eastern temperate China. Access it here.

Laurent Marquer et al., in their Quaternary Science Reviews paper "Quantifying the effects of land use and climate on Holocene vegetation in Europe", present a novel approach that combines pollen-based REVEALS estimates of plant cover with climate, anthropogenic land-cover and dynamic vegetation modeling results. This is used to quantify the relative impacts of land use and climate on Holocene vegetation in northern and western Europe north of the Alps. Access it here.