First OC3 paper published

oc3 fig 17The first paper by PAGES' Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling (OC3) working group has been published in Paleoceanography, an AGU Journal exploring Earth's paleoclimate.

The carbon isotope composition (δ13C) of seawater provides valuable insight on ocean circulation, air-sea exchange, the biological pump, and the global carbon cycle and is reflected by the δ13C of foraminifera tests.

Authors Andreas Schmittner et al. have compiled and compared more than 1700 δ13C observations of the benthic foraminifera genus Cibicides from late Holocene sediments (δ13CCibnat) with newly updated estimates of the natural (preindustrial) water column δ13C of dissolved inorganic carbon (δ13CDICnat), confirming earlier findings.

Consequently, they propose a new global calibration for predicting δ13CDICnat from δ13CCibnat.

Access the paper, titled "Calibration of the carbon isotope composition (δ13C) of benthic foraminifera", here.

Access the water column d13C of DIC data (this updates the previous water column dataset) here and the sediment core top d13C of benthic foraminifera (cibicides) data here.

Learn more about the OC3 working group here.