2k/Euro-Med2k in Rev. Geophys

rog20119 fig 0006A new PAGES 2k Network/Euro-Med2k working group paper discussing the problems with large-scale, multiproxy temperature reconstructions was recently published in Reviews of Geophysics.

Authors Bo Christiansen and Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist critically assess the many challenges, including the trade-off between using a larger number of proxy records with a weaker temperature signal and fewer proxy records with a stronger temperature signal, and how the different sources of noise and the complicated covariance structure of the temperature field limit reconstruction skills.

The focus is on single-index reconstructions but some of the observations are also relevant for field reconstructions.

Ljungqvist hopes the paper will illuminate some of the problems related to making large-scale temperature reconstructions from proxy data.

Access the paper here.

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