PAGES' science structure is implemented through the following initiatives:

Working Groups

Temporary groups that bring paleoscientists/scientists together from around the globe to target specific aspects of PAGES' science.


Integrative activities       

Cross-topical research areas with the potential to provide transformative advances in approaches to paleoscience and actionable results relevant to broader impacts.


Endorsed and affiliated groups  

Externally managed groups whose aims directly correlate with our scientific agenda.











Directory of PAGES groups

Early-Career Network (ECN)

PAGES ECN is for paleoscience early-career researchers (ECRs). PAGES defines ECRs as usually under 35 years of age. Career status: a. PhD Student, usually in the latter stages of your degree. b. Post-PhD, usually within five years of completing your degree.

Working groups

The 2k Network

   - ARAMATE (The reconstruction of ecosystem and climate variability in the north Atlantic region using annually resolved archives of marine and terrestrial ecosystems)
   - CLIM-ARCH-DATE (Integration of high resolution climate archives with archaeological and documentary evidence for the precise dating of maritime cultural and climatic events
   - CLIVASH2k (Climate variability in Antarctica and Southern Hemisphere in the past 2000 years)
   - CoralHydro2k (Tropical ocean hydroclimate and temperature from coral archives of the last 2 millennia)
   - Global T CFR (Global gridded temperature reconstruction method comparisons)
   - GMST reconstructions
   - Iso2k (A global synthesis of Common Era hydroclimate using water isotopes of the last 2 millennia)
   - MULTICHRON (Constraining modeled multidecadal climate variability in the Atlantic using proxies derived from marine bivalve shells and coralline algae)
   - PALEOLINK (The missing link in the Past – Downscaling paleoclimatic Earth System Models)
   - PSR2k (Proxy Surrogate Reconstruction 2k)

C-PEAT (Carbon in Peat on EArth through Time)
CRIAS (Climate Reconstruction and Impacts from the Archives of Societies)
C-SIDE (Cycles of Sea-Ice Dynamics in the Earth system)
CVAS (Climate Variability Across Scales)
DAPS (Paleoclimate Reanalyses, Data Assimilation and Proxy System modeling)
EcoRe3 (Resistance, Recovery and Resilience in Long-term Ecological Systems)
Floods Working Group
Forest Dynamics
GPWG2 (Global Paleofire Working Group 2)
OC3 (Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling)
PALSEA2 (PALeo constraints on SEA level rise 2)
PEOPLE 3000 (PalEOclimate and the PeopLing of the Earth)
QUIGS (PAGES-PMIP Working Group on Quaternary Interglacials)
SISAL (Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and AnaLysis)
VICS (Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society)

Endorsed working groups

ICYS (Ice Core Young Scientists)
IPICS (International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences)
PMIP (Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project)
Varves Working Group

Affiliated organizations

Climate History Network
HDRG (Hominin Dispersals Research Group)
IHOPE (Integrated History and Future of the People on Earth)
IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)

Former groups and initiatives

ADOM (Atmospheric Dust during the last glacial cycle: Observations and Modeling)
Aquatic Transitions
BIPOMAC (Bipolar Climate Machinery) (website no longer available)
CLIVAR/PAGES Intersection
DICE (Dust Impact on Climate and Environment)
Focus 4 - Biodiversity
Focus 4 - Land Use and Cover
Focus 4 - Soil and Sediment
Focus 4 - Water
Global Monsoon 
Global Paleofire (GPWG)
GloSS (Global Soil and Sediment transfers in the Anthropocene)
HITE (Human Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems)
IMAGES (The International Marine Past Global Change Study)
LIMPACS (Human Impacts on Lake Ecosystems)
LUCIFS (Land Use and Climate Impacts on Fluvial Systems)
MARGO (Multiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean surface)
NICOPP (Nitrogen Cycle in the Ocean, Past and Present)
Ocean Acidification Working Group

PANASH (Paleoclimate and Environments of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres) Former Focus 1
- PEP I: Polar-Equator-Pole transect through the Americas
- PEP II: Polar-Equator-Pole transect through Australasia
- PEP III: Polar-Equator-Pole transect through Europe/Africa

Past4Future (Climate and environment of past warm periods) (Endorsed group)
Past Interglacials (PIGS)
PlioVAR (Pliocene climate variability over glacial-interglacial timescales)

Polar Programs Former Focus 3
- CAPE (Circum Arctic Paleoenvironments)
- QUEEN (Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North)
- ITASE (International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition)
- ANTIME (Late Quaternary Sedimentary Record of Antarctic Ice Margin Evolution)

The Paleoclimate Reconstruction (PR) Challenge (2008 & 2011)
REDIE (Regional, Educational and Infrastructure Efforts)
Regional Integration
SIP (Sea Ice Proxies)
Solar Forcing 
SynTraCE-21 (Synthesis of Transient Climate Evolution of the last 21-kyr)