36th International Geological Congress

02.03 - 08.03.2020  
Delhi, India

The 36th International Geological Congress will be held from 2-8 March 2020, in Delhi, India.

The theme of this congress is "Geosciences: The Basic Science for a Sustainable Future".


It is an opportune time to interact with the scientific community, with sessions covering all aspects of geology and allied sciences. There will be 12 plenary speakers and 40+ parallel sessions.


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PAGES-relevant session

The following session is convened under the theme "Southern Ocean - Past Global Linkages".

Conveners: Xavier Crosta (France), Luke Skinner (UK), Rahul Mohan (India)

The main objective of this symposium is to bring together experts from a range of disciplines (biology, earth sciences, chemistry, ocean processes) to better identify past oceanic bipolar teleconnections in relation to global LSOC dynamics over the Plio-Pleistocene and provide constraints on its future evolution in response to anthropogenic warming. Non-exhaustively, topics may cover the following aspects: past changes in the SO upwelling and latitudinal mean position of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current; the dynamic controls of circum-Antarctic deep ocean ventilation/overturning circulation during the past few million years; implications for the marine biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients.